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We are the Digital Forensics and Information Security Research Cluster.


about us.

We are a group of researchers that have each unique research interests which altogether combined covers the breath and depth of cybersecurity research disciplines. 

Our diverse team works collaboratively on many research projects and discharge community service responsibilities across board. Based on each member’s specific specialisations, they can spearhead and lead a research direction that speaks to their area of interest. Other team members can then join in to support the cause as their passion and expertise dictates.


Our focus.

We understand the cyberspace and its dynamic data and information security needs, as such we thrive to ensure the safety of cyberspace users across board, through research, awareness campaigns, teaching and learning.

Our diverse research portfolio covers many cross cutting fields in cybersecurity. Some of the key aspects hovers from User Experience Security, IoT & AI security, Critical Infrastructure and Cloud computing security, Digital Forensics and Child Online Protection


We engage with local and International partners to bring awareness on the ever growing cyber threats. Through workshops and the annual cyber security competitions, we believe these are some ways of creating awareness


Most of our research team members are full time lecturers and part and parcel of the team that are involved in the design and implementation of the cybersecurity curriculum from Undergraduate to Postgraduate levels.


By being lifelong learners ourselves, we believe the best way to deliver the best is by upgrading ourselves continuously, either through certifications, conventional degrees and short courses from time to time.

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Our team.

We have a rich, diverse and talent team which tries to leverage on their best capabilities thereof.
Prof Fungai Bhunu Shava

UX Security Research & Child Online Protection Research

Mr. Edward Nepolo

Network Security Research

Mr. Gabriel Nhinda

UX Security Research

Dr Attlee M. Gamundani

AI & IoT (AIoT) Security Research & Child Online Protection Research

Ms. Uakomba E. Mbasuva

AI Security Research

Mr. Mbaunguraije Tjikuzu

Digital Forensics & Cyber Security Research

Dr Mercy Chitauro

Critical Infrastructure Security Research & Child Online Protection Research

Mr. Isaac Nhamu

Digital Forensics Research & Child Online Protection Research

Ms. Viktoria Shakela

Cybersecurity Research

Mr. Julius Silaa

Block Chain and IoT Research

Mr. Shadreck Chitauro

Cloud Computing Security Research


Research Publications


Industry Partners


Masters and PhD Students


Active Research Projects


Our Research

Here we give snippets of each of our active research projects either completed, in-progress or on the drawing boards:

Smart Security

Leveraging IoT and AI research, we focus on research that can be applied to smart. homes, smart offices, smart grids, smart cities and smart health.


User Experience (UX) Security

By focusing on end-users, from their behavioural traits and how they interact with their favourite everyday devices, we focus on how we can bring awareness of the loopholes that capitalises the human link to the security chain.


Critical Infrastructure Security

From research that explores zero day attacks to any research that address that likely dangers of SCADA systems, we have a research arm to that.


Cloud Computing Security

Covering various application domains that harnesses the power of cloud computing, we have research interests in that direction and this is where we cover educational platforms such as e-Learning security.

This is one of our major big projects that we kickstarted in 2014 and has grown to involve many stakeholders in Namibia and Internationally. We planned this project to run in the following 3 phases. More information on COP can be found on the dedicated webiste:
Phase 1



  • Data Preliminary study
  • Workshops
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Secure Funding
  • Reporting portal
  • Awareness Campaigns
Phase 2



  • Cover the remaining 9 regions
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Research Funding
  • Co-Designing solutions
  • Reporting Portal
  • Explore viable tools
  • Deepen research focus
Phase 3



  • Emerging technologies leveraging
  • Collaborative designs
  • Secure Platform Designs
  • Regional Focus
  • Monitoring & Evaluation


Here is what some of our key stakeholders had to say about our services

We are grateful for the great work the team is doing each year. We are proud of you and we will contniue to support your initiatives in bring cybersecurity awareness to the Namibia industry.

Various NNCSC Stakeholders

Why Select Us?

We are driven by the desire to deliver results and offer nothing but the very best.

If there is any team that values personal growth under the cushion of team support all the way through the entire process, that is us. We believe that personal growth equals team growth.


Every direction we cast our eyes, we see potential and we don’t hesitate to go for it. We are not limited by the size of our team, we believe in the will power. We are always creative in meeting our set goals


Quality is what defines our work. Excellence is our signature. We believe in giving our best, winning or losing we embrace that as part of our continual growth. We have a team that are good at what they do.


When setting our individual and team goals, we ensure they are aligned to our bigger vision. Be it setting up research goals, learning or awareness goals, we are careful in ensuring such goals are smartly set.


We plan way in advance and are not in the fashion of chasing deadlines. We strong hold the power of proper planning as that beats any execution nightmares. When we set those deadlines from our side be rest assured they are binding.


Our team is made up of highly skilled personnel in their areas of specialisations. They have different accolades of excellence in what they do. You are rest assured of getting the best there is when you engage with our team.

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About us

We are the Digital Forensics and Information Security Research Cluster

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13 Jackson Kaujeua Street, Windhoek, Namibia

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